About us

consultancy-services-1Development Consultancy (Devcon) Africa is an international UK registered consultancy firm  no 10395332. Devcon Africa specialises in research, policy, and development practice. We provide cutting edge solutions to individuals, organisations, and governments in the UK, Africa and beyond. Devcon aims to help organisations, institutions, government, and individuals engaged in development activities to generate evidence to inform decisions and practice.

We carry out basic and applied research, advice development practitioners on policy matters, and offer management services using multidisciplinary expertise. Our expertise cuts across social, economic, and political development themes including health, education, economic development, and governance, among others.

Our aim is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of development initiatives undertaken in Africa and cause real change in the lives of people in the African continent.


To be a leading provider of research, policy, and development consultancy services in Sub Saharan Africa.


To contribute to the development of Africa through the provision of research, policy, and development services to support organisations, institutions, and governments to achieve their goals.


Professionalism – we offer services of the highest standard to our clients.

Transparency – we deliver our services with openness, communication, and accountability.

Common good – we provide our services for the good of all concerned.

Team work – we work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team to meet the needs of our clients.